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Affirmative action the smartest move ALP ever made

March 25, 2021

One of the most perceptive Labor people I have come across in my time as a Labor Party member is an old lefty called Lindesay Jones. Sadly, Lindesay passed away in 2017 but I used to enjoy our regular lunch catch-ups when I was state party secretary in Queensland. Over his long history of involvement in Labor politics he said the most significant change the Labor Party made was bringing in affirmative action. Lindesay said not only did it c...

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Gladstone Observer: Inland rail ‘a dog of a project’: Senator Chisholm

February 12, 2021

Senator Chisholm was in Gladstone this week for a round table discussion on inland rail which included Member for Gladstone Glenn Butcher, Gladstone Mayor Matt Burnett and other local groups. After the meeting, Senator Chisholm told The Observer there were a number of issues with the project. "Anyone who has looked into the route that is currently proposed for Inland Rail knows there are a lot of significant issues with it," he said.

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Inland Rail dubbed ‘dog of a project’ by Labor senator

February 10, 2021

It’s a huge infrastructure project linking Brisbane and Melbourne. But no-one is listening to concerns about Inland Rail’s negative impact when it hits our suburbs, writes Queensland senator Anthony Chisholm.

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Regional Queensland – looking forward, looking back - Write Stuff Chapter.

December 15, 2020

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Goss the boss changed political paradigm in Queensland for the better

November 30, 2019

My first political memory is the election of the Goss government on December 2, 1989. I recall the growing sense of excitement in my family about the potential election of a Labor government and how we kept the famous “Goss the Boss” front page of the next day’s Sunday Mail. I’d turned 11 that year, so for my generation, it is easy to take for granted what was achieved in 1989 and in the following years.

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Labor must try to win back country hearts

November 07, 2019

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