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August 01, 2018



SUBJECTS: National Energy Guarantee 


Kiren Gilbert: Welcome back to the program with me now is Labor Senator Anthony Chisholm, Senator, thanks for your time. Now onto the National Energy Guarantee something for Labor some food for thought for Labor the renewables and the surge to renewables would be slowed if the guarantee would not be adopted, what’s labor’s thinking at the moment as to whether or not you will back it.

Anthony Chisholm: Look I think Bill Shorten and Mark Butlers instinct on this from the beginning was the correct one to try and reach consensus. It’s remarkable that Malcolm Turnbull has been talking about this for the last 12 month and can’t convince his own backbench of the merits. So you would wonder what the Australian people would be thinking, so I would be hopeful that Labor can reach a consensus around this but it looks like at the moment anything that Labor could sign up is too much for the dinosaurs in the back bench of Malcolm Turnbull. Minister Frydenberg and Malcolm Turnbull can’t lasso his own backbench here. So it’s going to make it hard to reach a consensus it looks like at the moment

Gilbert: but in a way if you look at the results of the recent by-election you look on track many in your party have been buoyed by those, may as well be on the treasury benches by May next year so why not wait and go for a more ambitious approach obviously many in your party want.

Chisholm: Look I think that if we can reach bipartisan agreement around energy policy that would be a good thing obviously one of the testing points. In that would be around the rate of renewable energy and around Labor’s commitment to that of 50% by 2030 and there is obviously some concern would whether we would be able to stick to that with the National Energy Guarantee. I’m happy with the role Mark Butler has played so far and I trust him to land us with the right position but that commitment to 50% by 2030 will remain and if it can’t be achieved under the NEG Labor will take a dim view of it.

Gilbert: Let’s look at the warning by Michael Sukkar he is the senior minister to the treasurer and was warning about property market crash in places like Sydney because Labor’s approach to on Negative Gearing given the softening of the market in places like Sydney and Melbourne is it time to rethink.

Chisholm: not at all, it’s hard to take Scott Morrison seriously on this issue he has been running a scare campaign on Labor’s policy regards to negative gearing since its ben announced more than two years ago and the Australian people have seen through it. What we know under the LNP it’s easier for someone to buy their seventh house then there first Labor wants to arrest this, we want to give first home buyers a chance we think our policies are responsible. I also note that there is treasury advice which the Treasurer has been sitting on which says Labor policy wouldn’t have a significant impact on house prices so it really is appalling of Scott Morrison to continue on this scare campaign even when Australian people have seen through it

Gilbert: you don’t think that the softening of the market is at least cause for some reconsideration

Chisholm: not at all for me as I said at the start it’s easier for someone to buy their seventh house then there first clearly that’s something that Labor can’t accept and our policies are responsible and I think they are ones liked by the majority of the Australian People.

Gilbert: Senator Chisholm a difficult time for one of your colleges Emma Husar and she is obviously under a lot of pressure under a range of issues including the use of Tax Payer funds to attend a concert and so on. Is it a situation where she could still recontest Lindsay despite the pressure she is under and the investigation ongoing by the New South Wales branch of the party.

Chisholm: I’ve come to know Emma since she has been elected we got elected at the same election. I really hope that her and her family are doing okay it’s obviously a tough time. What I know is that the New South Wales branch has set up an intendent investigation and I also note that yesterday Ms Husar decided to refer the claims around travel to the independent Parliamentary Expense Authority which I think is appropriate as well. Emma is adamant that she didn’t misuse taxpayer funds in terms of going to a concert for instance but I’m happy to wait to see what the independent report comes up with

Gilbert: Senator Chisholm Thank you will hear from you soon.